Two Proteins, a Sauce, and a Garden

I like Dee's sausages - they have a nice peppery kick to them. I think meat sausages are meant to be spicy (?) so maybe that was what she was going for. Was this the lady who was on Dragons' Den before? Anyway, they are nice for a change, and it's quite interesting to have … Continue reading Two Proteins, a Sauce, and a Garden

Repeal the Knit

Knitting on this excellent hat pattern during the evenings leading up to the referendum helped take some of the edge off of the massive frustration with the whole process of debating whether or not women should be allowed to be in charge of their own bodies. I made mine from leftover half-balls of Drops Muskat … Continue reading Repeal the Knit

Bits and Bobs

There are a few things we are getting in the habit of here. One is the Toucan box, which is always greeted with delight at the postbox. Another is zero waste swaps, which Lush is just great for. Everything is about habit, right? I can't say I'm back in the habit of counting points just … Continue reading Bits and Bobs